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"If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade"- No Fear On Wheels

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Moments of Inspiration – What a fantastic day we had in school on Thursday with a visit from Shaun Gash and his son Kyle. Every pupil had a chance to try wheelchair basketball  and it was great to see them all smiling and having a good time. Shaun is planning on climbing Kilimanjaro in the summer and if anyone would like to sponsor him you can on He gave a truly inspirational assembly to the whole school and showed us a video of him completing the Born Survivor course. Many thanks to Mrs Kendrick for organising such a fantastic day.

Forton Primary School

Yesterday we welcomed Shaun Gash to the school to give us an inspirational talk.  After being paralysed in a car crash when he was just 20 years old, Shaun showed us that he has never let anything stop him from doing some truly amazing feats in the time since. He gave a truly inspirational assembly to the whole school and showed us a video of him completing the Born Survivor course and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair.  We hope to welcome him back soon.

Crookhey Hall School

Shaun has never made excuses not to keep active and adds: “I don’t see myself
as an inspiration. Being active is living, and if I can do it, you can too.

“Everything Bear and Ross are campaigning for is what I’m about as well.

“Keeping active keeps your mind and soul active. I hope this helps to get
people up and out and moving.”

Ross Edgley

Sandra Ogden, Retail Sales & Marketing Director, Greenhalgh's Craft Bakery
 "I want to thank you for coming to our Celebration Event on Wednesday 21st September 2016, for what proved to be a very inspirational message. All of our staff enjoyed your inspiring session. We sincerely appreciated the delivery of your message, your positive attitude and genuine demeanour which was truly uplifting and brought warmth to everyone in the room.
There were many positive comments shared by the staff at the end of our event regarding your motivational message. You are truly an inspirational person, and I very much hope that we can keep in touch, and I will follow your work and travels with great interest.

Once again Shaun please accept my sincere thanks on behalf of the Company for your outstanding presentation.  I hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us"
Very best wishes,

Melanie Maughan Corporate Responsibility Manager Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Team

On Friday 9th June 2017, the NHSBSA Community, Environment and Wellbeing Network welcomes Shaun Gash to Stella Using these life experiences, Shaun is inspirational in helping people think differently by demonstrating what can be achieved if you really put your mind to it and believe in yourself.

Shaun has been a guest speaker in Hesketh House, Fleetwood.

Karen Boswell who attended said ‘I enjoyed the session. It was inspirational to see what can be achieved from sheer guts and determination, not only achieving Shaun’s own personal goals, but raising money for charity along the way’

Steph Williams who also participated described the session as ‘very interesting, inspiring and motivational’

Naidex 2017

Another unmissable speaker is Shaun Gash, who has turned paralysis into something that has made him who he is; he is quite literally unstoppable. Kilimanjaro, The Great North Run, Skydiving and the Mudnificent 7 are amongst Shaun’s unbelievable achievements. He’s also just been crowned RGK Wheelchair’s Legend of 2016!

Quirky Races

The fact that Shaun Gash has done such things as climb Helvellyn, Snowdonia and Mount Kilimanjaro, jumped 15,000 ft from an aeroplane, a whole host of obstacle course races and is about to embark on Lands End to John O’Groats is enough to warrant his place as one of our ‘Featured Adventures/ Athletes’ but what makes Shaun’s feats even more amazing is that he does all this while in a wheelchair.

"I attended Naidex disability exhibition at the NEC last year, I decided to listen to some of the speakers when I happened upon Shaun Gash and No fear on wheels. I was intrigued! I myself have been diagnosed with a disability so thought I'd maybe pick up some tips. I was mesmerized by his personal story, uplifted by positive attitude and astounded by his accomplishments since his life changing accident. I found myself replaying his talk over and over in my mind on the journey home. I found myself thinking about how serious his situation had been and how determined and strong he was to overcome obsticles on his way. I found myself searching for his story on facebook wanting to know how he achieved his challenges such as tough mudder and Kilimanjaro! I felt so compelled to Thank him to which he replied. My personal mindset about my own abilities rather than disabilities were challenged that day, I found myself with a new zest for life and can do attitude. I work with adults with learning/physical disabilities and use the positivity of Shauns story to help our members achieve their goals. I can quite frankly share with you that Shaun Gashs honesty, openness, bravery, strength of character and determination which he conveyed in a 15 minute talk quite simply changed the course of my future. He deserves to be recognised as a Positive Role Model and would encourage him to continue challenging himself and others on overcoming adversity and stereotyping. Thank you Shaun on behalf of those you have inspired, supported or fundraised for."

 "Shaun is everything you would want in a positive role model for disability. He was chosen by us at Calvert Trust Exmoor as our Ambassador because he embodies everything which we stand for. As a charity which enables disabled people to experience life changing exciting, challenging, activity holidays in the countryside we believe that it's what you can do that counts and Shaun can do anything he sets his mind to. Before he became an official ambassador for us Shaun came to stay with us for the weekend with his family. This was meant for him to see what we do first hand and he was given no agenda other than for him to enjoy himself with his family. True to the type of wonderful, kind, sharing person Shaun is, I was greeted on the Monday morning by a centre full of guests who had never met Shaun before the weekend, singing his praises. He had not just joined in with them on all of the activities, he had supported and encouraged everyone in the group to have fun and achieve more than they ever thought possible. There were selfies, videos and face book posts galore of the whole group having fun, congratulating each other on every achievement, led in no small part by Shaun. Our activity instructors led the group but Shaun led the dynamic and forged the team spirit making our job very easy that weekend. Shaun is a highly unusual mix of on the one hand being a true competitor, dedicated to completing a challenge, determined and unflinching and certainly never held back by his disability. On the other hand he is kind, patient, considerate, supportive and encouraging of everyone else round him - his competitive edge is put aside to make sure that everyone in the group achieves together. This is a rare and beautiful attribute. I have witnessed first hand how Shaun automatically motivates every disabled person, and for that matter non disabled person, he comes across. He is just a naturally warm and inclusive human being. Children flock to him and I know that not only has Shaun personally raised a great deal of money for a host of charities but wherever he has come across a personalised need, like a young child who needed a more high tech wheelchair, he has personally made sure to make it happen. Shaun is scaling Ben Nevis soon in his wheelchair in aid of several charities and we are delighted to be one of these. He will no doubt complete this, he is already going all out. Every time I look on face book Shaun has another person he has met who he has roped in to help promote the challenge. This is not about promoting himself, it is always about doing his absolute best for the charities he supports. I cannot think of anyone who would be a more worthy winner of this category. Becoming paraplegic in a tragic car accident nobody would have blamed him for being bitter or ruminating on "why me?" Instead he has taken this huge set-back with absolute bravery, he has used it as a way to inspire and support any person he comes across. I have never known him be ill tempered or impatient. He epitomises everything which can be wonderful about the human spirit and I sincerely hope that you choose him to receive this award. I am the CEO of Calvert Trust Exmoor. If you require any more information from me please do not hesitate to contact me."

"My son Kian is disabled yet when he hits an obstacle in life, he just looks at what Shaun has achieved and uses this as inspiration. Shaun does more than what many able bodied people do and deserves all recognition."

"This guy is the true meaning behind turning lemons into lemonade! His positivity and zest for life is second to none. I am lucky enough to work alongside Shaun everyday and can confirm his passion to support others is admirable! Shaun will consistently search for the positive in a negative situation and is always throwing ideas about for new challenges. Despite the money he raises, the challenges he sets himself, the accomplishments he achieves- underneath it all there is one reason and that is that he is a kind, caring and loving man whom only wants to spread that love to achieve happiness in others. The world we live in is by far such fast pace, full of worry, negativity and fear and it is only through role models like Shaun that we will be able to change that."

"Shaun never stops trying to help and inspire others around him. His dedication to other people makes him a hero, and everyone who has ever met him knows that. He never lets his disability hold him back from completing insane challenges for charities, and his passion encourages others to make a difference too. I am very proud to know Shaun, and to be a small part of the huge journey he has been on is incredible. I couldn’t name a single person more worthy of this award. "







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